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Sergio Consoli - Silver Strike

130`000 руб \ 2200$

Статус: новый от мастера
Status: from knifemaker

Sergio is a custom knifemaker out of Brescia, Italy and as with most Italian products; his designs straddle the fine line between tactical awesomeness and a work of fine art. Everything he creates is presentation level quality with fit and finish that are out of this world.

The Silver Strike is custom knife N° 324 of Sergio Consoli. The Knife is a superb liner lock flipper that is a perfect example of Sergio's work. It's super tactical, highly ergonomic, ultra-smooth, well built, and insanely beautiful.

  • Мастер: Серджио Консоли (Sergio Consoli), Италия
  • Клинок: сталь RWL-34
  • Рукоять: 416 нержавеющая сталь, карбон
  • Общая длина: 230 мм
  • Длина клинка: 98 мм
  • Длина в сложенном виде: 113 мм
  • Механизм открытия: система подшипников Sergio Consoli
  • Комплектация: чехол, сертификат мастера

This knife is a collection piece, no doubt about that, but it's also one that would make a superior tactical EDC folder. The blade is RWL-34 stainless steel, measuring 0.148" thick with a hand rubbed satin finish that is absolutely stunning. The upswept tanto shape is something that you cannot help but love. It has a nice belly for slicing cuts while the slightly reinforced tip gives you peace of mind during stabbing thrusts. The handles and pocket clip are made from silver lightning strike carbon fiber over stainless steel liners. The liners and hardware are polished to a chrome-like finish, which makes every part of this knife catch your eye. The backspacer is milled titanium, which gives this knife a great balanced feel in the hand. Ergonomics are fantastic, the blade shape is fantastic, action is fantastic - it's hard for us to level a single criticism about this awesome flipper.

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